Tips for attending remote PL

Remote professional learning sessions with Stile are held using video conferencing software. You’ll often need to follow along with your presenter in Stile at the same time.

The following tips may be helpful in preparing and participating in your session:

Note: Stile PL and webinars are currently run using BigMarker for video conferencing. For troubleshooting tips related to BigMarker, click here.


Preparation for attending individually

We recommend you have headphones connected to your computer for the session. 

You'll need to have your video conferencing software or webpage open, and log into Stile in a separate browser window to follow along at the same time. If you only have 1 screen, then we recommend that you resize each window so you can see both simultaneously and move between the two quickly.

The video loop below shows you how to do this:



Use one window to log in to, and use the other to open the video conference. 


Preparation for attending as a group

Connect a single computer to your projector and ensure your sound is ready to go so you can hear your presenter. Keep in mind that your presenter may not be able to hear all of you, depending on how far away from the computer you are. It’s helpful if you point the computer webcam at the group so your presenter can see you all.

Each person attending the PL should have a laptop and log in to in order to follow along.


How to join a Class and participate in the PL

Sometimes your presenter will ask you to join a Stile Lesson as a student. This allows you to see the teacher experience on the presenter's screen, and it also allows you to actively participate in the session and understand what your students will experience. 

Note: Use your normal Stile account to join the Class. You will only be a student in this Class, and you'll still have full teaching rights in your own school!

Often as teachers, we ask our students to use the class code but haven’t used it ourselves. 



Log in to as you normally would, and get the class code for the session from your presenter. Below the list of Subjects on your Stile home page, click on I have a class code. Enter the code in the text box that appears (it will say "Six letter class code" before you start typing) and then click the blue Join subject button next to the text box. A message will pop up to confirm that you've successfully joined the Class. Click the blue Take me there button to go to the new Subject.

Once your session has ended, you can return to your own teaching Subjects by switching schools.


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