Canvas Integration FAQ

Stile can now integrate with Canvas, which allows teachers to assign lessons through the learning management system and track marks in the Canvas Gradebook. 

Schools that subscribe to both Stile and Canvas can set up the integration in just a few minutes. Click here for a complete walkthrough of the integration process. To learn how to link Stile lessons to Canvas assignments, check out the tutorial here.

This article covers the following questions:



Why can't my students access their assigned work?

The student must click through to a Stile lesson from a Canvas assignment, linked using the External tool method described in this tutorial. If your Canvas course contains regular hyperlinks to a Stile lesson, clicking those links will not automatically enrol the student or release lessons to them.

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Why does a Stile lesson only get released to individual students, instead of a whole class?

This integration respects existing class membership. If a student is already in an existing class in the Stile subject, they won't be moved when they enter from Canvas; however, if the student is not already enrolled in a Stile subject, they will be added to a class based on the Canvas course name (of course, any teacher can move students between classes in Stile). Because it's possible for students to be enrolled in different classes, to avoid any confusion, we release the lesson to each individual student.

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Why didn't existing marks copy over from Stile to Canvas when I linked an assignment?

We're still adding features to the integration and existing marks will not copy over yet in all cases. At present, marks that existed in Stile before linking the assignment will only copy over:

  • if the Stile lesson is an assessment, AND
  • the latest mark is released to the student, AND
  • the student had previously opened a Stile lesson via clicking through from a Canvas assignment (this creates a link between the student's Canvas account and their Stile account).

Additionally, existing marks won't copy over from Stile to Canvas until someone (it can be the teacher) launches the Stile lesson via the Canvas assignment for the first time, and it may take a few seconds or minutes for marks to finish copying.

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My student says they've clicked through to Stile from Canvas before. Why didn't it copy their existing marks when I linked an assignment?

As described above, there are some limitations on when we can copy existing marks when linking assignments. Currently, to create the required link between a student's Canvas account and their Stile account, the student must click through to a Stile lesson from a Canvas assignment, linked using the External tool method described in this tutorial. If your Canvas course contains regular hyperlinks to a Stile lesson, clicking those links will not create the required account link.

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Why do I have to update the points possible in a Canvas assignment manually when I edit the marks available in a Stile lesson?

Canvas doesn't yet give us the ability to update the points possible in an assignment automatically, so you'll need to edit the points possible manually. As a reminder, when you edit the marks in Stile, we'll show a message about this and provide a link to edit the Canvas assignment. We understand that you may have edited the Canvas assignment already, in which case feel free to close or ignore the message. When you visit the link to edit the Canvas assignment, please check the "points possible" field to ensure it shows the right information, and then remember to save the edited assignment.

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If I update the points possible in the Canvas assignment, what happens to marks that have already been copied from Stile to the Canvas Gradebook?

If the points possible in the Canvas assignment are changed after marks have already been copied from Stile, the existing raw mark is retained. This is similar to the behaviour of Stile, where you can update the marks available for a lesson, but already-marked work retains its existing mark. Unfortunately, there's no way for us to tell Canvas to retain the previous total mark for that grade, so in the Canvas Gradebook, percentage marks will update to be calculated out of the new total mark, not the original total mark. This differs from Stile's behaviour: in Stile, the percentage mark is always calculated out of the total mark at the time the mark was released.

Mr. Smith created a Stile lesson that was marked out of 10 and linked it to Canvas. Ashley completed the lesson and submitted it. Mr Smith marked the lesson 5/10 (50%) and released marks to Ashley. Ashley's mark appears as 5/10 (50%) in both the Stile Markbook and the Canvas Gradebook.
Then, Mr. Smith decided to update the Stile lesson to be out of 20 marks instead of 10. Mr. Smith updated the Canvas assignment accordingly. Now, Ashley's mark still appears as 5/10 (50%) in the Stile Markbook as that was her total when her work was completed and marked, but in the Canvas Gradebook, Ashley's mark appears as 5/20 (25%).

Remember, marks are copied over to Canvas whenever they are released in Stile, so you can always request resubmission on a student's work, collect and re-mark it, and release feedback again to automatically copy over the new mark and update the percentage. In the example above, Mr. Smith can request resubmission on Ashley's work, collect it, mark it out of the updated total of 20 and release feedback again.

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My student already had a Stile account, but its email address was different from their Canvas email address, and they weren't logged into Stile, and now they have two Stile accounts. What do I do?

Please contact Stile support to merge the two accounts (

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I've differentiated my Stile lessons and have two different copies of a Stile lesson. Can I set these up as a single link/assignment in Canvas?

Unfortunately, no - there's no way to selectively assign different copies of Stile lessons to the same assignment in Canvas. Note also that if a student is able to see an assignment in Canvas, they will be able to access it in Stile when they click through from Canvas. However, Canvas does allow you to selectively release assignments to certain students or groups of students. You will need to create a different assignment in Canvas for each copy of your differentiated lesson, and ensure that the Canvas assignment is only released to the correct group of students.

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