NSW DoE Single sign-on FAQ

Stile integrated with the NSW Department of Education to make account management even easier. 

When you log in to Stile, your account is linked to your NSW Department of Education account. This means you only have to remember a single username and password for both. 

This article covers the following questions:


How do I log in to my existing Stile teacher account?

From stileapp.com, enter your @det.nsw.edu.au email address as you would normally. You will be redirected to the Department portal where you must enter your username and password, and then you will be automatically taken back to your Stile home page.


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How does a new teacher join Stile?

Teachers who have not yet created Stile accounts can simply log in using the instructions outlined above. Stile will sync with the Department's database and add your new account to the correct school on Stile.

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I logged in, but I'm in the wrong school.

Teachers can be mistakenly registered under the incorrect or outdated school or role by the DoE. If you see the wrong school name on your Stile home page after logging in, then you can quickly get it fixed by going to EdConnect here. You might also be registered in multiple schools on Stile, so look for a Switch school button below the school's name on your Stile homepage.

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Stile logged into someone else's account

This can happen if you or your students share computers and forget to log out at the end of the session. Always be sure to log out of shared devices!



If one of your students finds themselves in another student's account, then they will see an error message like one illustrated above. If their login does not match the now logging in as... address, then they should click the That's not me button.



Help your student log out of Stile. Click on the student's name (or "edit profile") in the upper right corner of the screen and then click the Log out button. Next, help your student sign out of the device completely. Log back in to the device using the student's correct credentials and then log in to Stile. 

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How do my students log in?

From stileapp.com, students who use their @education.nsw.gov.au email address will be directed to the Department portal. They must then enter their school username and password, and then they will be automatically taken back to their Stile home page.


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How do I add new students to my Subject?

New students can be added via class code or email invitation. Learn more about adding students here.

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I forgot my password! What do I do?

Your Stile password is now managed by the Department of Education. Teachers can reset their password using the Forgot your password? button on the Department login portal.


For students, please contact your school IT staff. 

For additional help with your Department credentials, contact the EDConnect staff at 1300 32 32 32 and select option 5 for IT support.

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My student logged in and can't see any of their work. What happened?

It's possible that the student used a non-department email address when they first signed up to Stile, and then they created a second account with their actual school email address.

If you can see them in your Class list but they can no longer see any Lessons, then contact the Stile Support team for help! Let them know the student's email address as it is listed on your Students page and the name of the Stile Subject in which the student is enrolled (e.g. 9A Science). They can look for any duplicate accounts and merge them together.

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I logged in and all of my Subjects disappeared. What happened?

It's possible that you used a different email when you first created your Stile account. If this is your first time logging in with the @det.nsw.edu.au email address, then a new Stile account will be created for you. The Support team will be able to merge the new account with the old one. You can see what email address is associated with your Stile account by clicking on your name in the upper right corner to access your Profile settings.

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