Releasing Model Answers

We have just released a new feature that allows students to see model answers when you release answers. We have built this feature to help you provide more feedback, more easily to your students. Most questions in Stile have model answers that model to students an ideal answer to the questions. Some examples of this include written response questions, graphing questions and canvas questions. 


This new feature was highly informed by the positive influence of feedback on student learning. The aim of feedback is to reduce the gap from where students are and where they want to be. Students also learn more effectively when feedback is timely and specific. Releasing model answers will allow you to model to your students what a good answer looks like. We’re hoping this will provide you with more time to give more specific, targeted feedback, particularly to those more challenging questions. We also hope that this will make consolidation and revision even more meaningful for students.  


How does it work? 

We are hoping this will be really intuitive for you to use. Now when you release answers to students either through the Markbook or through individual student submissions you will now also release the model answers to students. 


You can release model answers from two places:  

  • The Markbook 
  • Individual student submissions 

The Markbook 


Individual student submissions


The table below indicates what a student can see while they’re completing a lesson or assessment task in Stile. The tick ✓ indicates a student can see model answers or feedback while a cross ✕ indicates they can’t. 


What does this look like? 

When you have released answers to students they will be able to see the feedback you have provided as well as the model answer. If you view their individual submission you will also see the model answers and any feedback you have provided. 

I also wanted to thank all of the teachers that did request this feature, we really do take your feedback on board to make Stile even better. If you have any requests always feel free to email me at