Tips for using Stile in a remote setting

Stile can be used in conjunction with video conferencing apps for a blend of teacher-led instruction and self-paced learning when teaching students remotely.

Below is a compilation of tips to help you through remote learning in Stile:

Note: If you are brand new to Stile, start here.


Use video conferencing apps

Depending on your preference and what's available to your school, we recommend one of the following apps:

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Release Lessons

Like you normally would, you can release a single Lesson or multiple Lessons to your students. Depending on your plan, you can release Lesson-by-Lesson as your students complete them, or all the Lessons you plan to cover in a week or over the entire closure period. Find out more here.

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Set due dates

You can set due dates on each Lesson so that students know when certain Lessons are due. Once you assign a due date, this will appear on each student’s home page and any overdue Lessons will be highlighted. If you have multiple Classes in a Subject, you can set different due dates for each Class. Learn how to manage due dates here

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Use Class discussion

If your students are working on the same Lesson at the same time, using Class discussion is a fantastic way for students to collaborate, ask questions and discuss points raised. Class discussion is a Lesson-specific chat room that you have complete control over — you can open or close it any time and you can delete any comments that go off track. Learn how to control Class discussion here.

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Monitor progress and leave feedback

It’s important to monitor how they are progressing through the Lesson, particularly when you aren’t physically in the classroom with your students. Make sure they’re on track, catch any misconceptions and, if time allows, give them targeted feedback. Teach mode makes it easy to monitor all of this in real-time. Share your screen with students via video conferencing during the Lesson to help them follow along as well.

See how to use Teach mode here.

Learn how to use Analyse mode for marks and feedback.

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Add video and audio clips

To add a personal touch to your Lessons and highlight key points, you can include your own video and audio clips to Lessons. 

See how to add video, audio, and more

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Contact Support for help

We're here to help you through the lockdown, so ask us anything.

The Stile Support team is available weekdays 9am-5pm AEST. You can reach us by phone (+61 3 8539 3289 or NZ 0800 000 252), email (, or via the Support button within Stile. We do not employ chat bots or auto responders, so you will get a genuine and tailored response to every question.

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Watch our recorded webinars

The Stile team regularly hosts webinars to help you become a super teacher. Browse our recordings and register for upcoming webinars here

The webinars included below are all related to teaching remotely. Enjoy!


Using Stile to teach remotely


Q&A with experienced distance education Stile-ists


Jordan's tips for remote teaching

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