Where to find model answers in Stile

Find and use model answers to mark student work, provide feedback and foster discussion.

There are a number of ways you can access model answers in Stile. How you access them depends on what you're wanting to use them for.

Examples of when you would use model answers:

  • When you're in class and want to discuss the model answer with students;
  • When you're marking student work;
  • When you want to print them or save to PDF for reference.

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Display model answers for discussion during class


While in Teach Mode, you can display model answers for different question types by clicking on the Show model answer button.



You can also view the answer for all multiple choice or true false question types by clicking the Show answer button while in Teach Mode.


Display model answers when marking student work


For questions that are not automatically marked, you can view the model answer in Quick Review by clicking on Show responses. Here you can view the model answer, or compare your student work to the model answer as you discuss student responses or mark student work.


Printing or saving model answers to PDF


From time to time you may want to save a copy of the model answers for reference by either printing them, or saving them to PDF. To do this click on the Print button while in a lesson and select Print model answers. Your computers printer dialogue box will allow you to either print those model answers or save them as a PDF. Note that the save to PDF function may vary depending on which browser or computer system you are using.


That's how you can access model answers in Stile. We hope this makes fostering discussion and marking student work a little easier for you 🎉


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