Model answers

Find and use model answers to mark student work, provide feedback, and encourage discussion.

Model answers are embedded into each question in Stile to help you mark student responses, and to help students understand the content. Students can only see Model answers once you release them; they are not visible while students are working, nor can they be viewed if a student submits their work.

Model answers can be accessed and controlled in a number of ways:


Create, edit, or print the answers


Prepare mode allows you to create and edit the contents of your Lesson, including questions and Model answers. This is also where you'll find the Print options for a Lesson. Learn more about Prepare mode here.



Click the Edit button on a question to reveal its editing options, and then click on the Model answer tab (between Student answer and Settings). The Model answer you can create is similar to what your students can do in their responses, so the tools available to you will vary depending on the type of question. Learn more about editing Model answers here.



You may want to save a copy of the Model answers for reference by either printing them or saving them to PDF. Click on the Print button in the upper right corner and select Print model answers. Your browser's print dialogue window will allow you to either print those Model answers or save them as a PDF. Learn more about printing Stile Lessons here.

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Use Model answers to prompt discussion during class


Teach mode is a presentation mode designed to help you lead discussion and flow throughout a Lesson. Among the tools available are the options to show student responses to each question, and to show the Model answers. Learn more about Teach mode here.



Click on the Show model answer button above a question to bring the Model answer up on display. This only appears for you, so you can present it to the classroom on a projector or smartboard. It does not appear on the students' individual screens. 



You can also present the Model answer alongside your students' responses to compare and discuss. Click on the Show responses button to open Quick review, and then click on the Compare tab.

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Compare student responses to Model answers


Analyse mode provides a snapshot of your students' responses as they work through the Lesson. You can use this mode both during and after the discussion to review your Class' comprehension. 



Similar to Teach mode, you can view Model answers alongside student responses via Quick review. Click the View responses button next to the question you want to review, and then click on the Compare tab to display the Model answer while you review your student's response.

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Release Model answers and feedback to students


The Markbook is where all of your Subject's marks live in a clean, organized view. From here you can also use Class controls to release Model answers and feedback to all of your students at once. Each Lesson has its own Class controls menu, so find the Lesson you want to control and click on its menu to release those Model answers. You can learn more about the Markbook here, and Class controls here.

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