How we auto-mark multiple choice questions

Hey everyone, 

We have a new feature within Stile - partial marks for multiple-choice questions! Previously, if a multiple-choice question requires two correct answers and a student answers one correct the student receives 0 marks for that question. We heard from our teachers that this was frustrating for students so we wanted to make it better! 

How do partial marks work?

Essentially, if a student answers any components of a question correctly with no incorrect answers they will receive a partial mark. When they answer anything incorrect they will receive 0. 


For example


As you can see from the algorithm above, our aim is to reward students for correct attempts, but not reward them for guessing. We seek to engage students in science education by encouraging the right learning behaviours. 

We have implemented this new feature based on feedback from teachers so hopefully, you like it and it makes your lives as teachers a bit easier! As always let us know if you have any feedback!