The updated Markbook

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to 2020! Clare here - I lead the product team here at Stile (i.e. the team that works to make Stile even better!). You may have noticed that we've updated the Markbook after a bunch of feedback from teachers. Here I'll explain why the Markbook is better than ever.

(If you need more of an in-depth article to guide you these step-by-step guides should help. The support team are also on hand to answer any questions you may have. Just click the Support button in Stile.)

Why is it better?

The new Markbook now:

  • updates in real time;
  • is quicker;
  • allows filtering by student, class, activity type or unit;
  • allows you to collect work or release feedback both on a per student level, or for a filtered group of students;
  • has a compact view for when you want to see larger trends without all the detail.

What's new?

New Icons

The updated text and icons will allow you to identify where your students are up to at a glance.



You can still hover over students’ work to find out further information, but this has been updated to allow you to request resubmission or collect work directly in the Markbook.



The ability to filter

You can choose to filter by units, activity type (lessons or assessments), classes and individual students.



Bulk actions

You can now collect student work, request resubmission or release answers by class, selected group or individual level.



View individual student work

During parent/teacher interviews or while chatting to students, the new Markbook will make it much easier to see a summary of that individual student’s progress and results.


Compact View

When you want to see a birds-eye view of your students progress, switch across to compact view.



And that's it!  🎉 We've worked really hard over the break to improve the Markbook experience for everyone. Hopefully it helps make your lives a little easier heading into a new school year. Thanks to all the teachers who have given us their feedback. We really appreciate it and welcome it. If you've got any feedback on anything in Stile, send it through to the support team.

Until next time,


Clare Feeney
Head of Product
Stile Education