Teach Mode

Teach Mode to make it easy to use Stile as a blended learning tool and implement the high-impact teaching strategies you already use in the classroom. 

You can switch between the three different modes, Prepare, Teach and Analyse, at the top of any lesson page:

Prepare Mode is ideal to use before class. You can read through the lessons you will be teaching, review the teacher notes and edit lessons to differentiate the content for your class.

“Preview as student” is also available from the Prepare tab.

Teach Mode is a presentation mode that allows you to model the lesson with students and view per question analytics. You can see where students are up to and what they’re having difficulty with. It aims to enhance the collaborative nature of teaching with Stile and will even prompt you to add students to a class and release the lesson.

Some examples of Teach Mode in action might be 

  • Presenting content within Stile, for example, a video, up on the projector, while the students have their devices closed.
  • Running a poll or brainstorm. In this case, the students are participating on their devices, while you are looking at the real-time results on your screen. 
  • Students working independently through a section of a Stile lesson, and you walking around to help people. Prior to or during the time, you might want to demonstrate how to complete a question to your students, particularly if it's an interactive canvas question.
  • During or after periods of independent work, 
    • You may want to discuss student answers to particular questions up the front of the class or talk through the model answer with the class.
    • You might want to get a snapshot of student understanding by looking at per-question analytics.
    • See how far along students are through the independent work that has been set.

Analyse Mode provides a snapshot of how students are travelling in the lesson.