Use Stile for parent-teacher meetings

Use the Markbook and Analyse mode to discuss student progress with parents/guardians.

The Markbook allows you to view a single student at a time, which gives you and the student's parent/guardian an overview of their work. You can click into the Analytics of any Lesson, or into the student's individual worksheets, to get more granular and to discuss feedback.

Before you continue: This article discusses the use of Markbook filters and Analyse mode. If you are unfamiliar with either one, click the bolded links to learn more.


Before the meeting


Take a look at the Markbook to get an overview of what your students have accomplished over the time since the last meeting. Use the Students filter to select the one student you will be discussing in the meeting.
If you find an example of work you want to discuss, click into the student's worksheet and save the page link in your LMS or notes for the meeting. That way, you can bring up both positive examples of work, and work where improvement is needed, without digging around during the meeting.


During the meeting

Use the same filtered view of the Markbook to show the student's progress over the term/semester/year. Use the Lessons filter to show Assessments only and highlight progress across the student's summative marks.



If you want to discuss how the student compares to the overall Class in a given Assessment, you can click into a Lesson's Analytics and show the per-question breakdown as well as the Results Distribution graph.


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