Collect work

Collecting work is akin to saying "pencils down" in the classroom.

The student is no longer able to work on a lesson or unsubmit their work after the teacher collects it. This can be used effectively at the end of an exam session, or if a lesson is well past its due date.

Lessons can be collected individually, for the whole class, or for a group of students.

Collect individual work


Click the In progress icon that corresponds to the student's name and the lesson title and click the option Collect work.

Note: If a student has not opened the lesson, then there will be no icon in the submission grid and so nothing is available to collect. Stile accurately records student interactions with lessons including the moment a lesson is opened for the first time.

Collect whole class work


Collect work from the whole class at once via the Markbook.

  • Locate the Class Controls menu within the submissions grid that corresponds with the relevant lesson and class.
  • Click the icon to reveal the controls and select Collect all unfinished work.

Note: Both this method and the previous one includes students who have not yet viewed the lesson. A blank lesson page will be created for them. The teacher can request resubmission to allow the student to work on the lesson.

Collect group of students' work


Apply the necessary filters for the group of students you wish to collect the work from. Use the class controls to collect all unfinished work for the group you've selected.