Download marks and feedback as a spreadsheet

The Markbook can be exported and saved to your computer.

From the Markbook, student marks can be downloaded as a CSV file (Comma Separated Values) or an XLSX file (Excel spreadsheet). The Excel option includes student responses and teacher feedback on a per-question basis. Exporting the Markbook can be helpful if you need to transfer your marks to another Learning Management System, or if you want to do more complex and custom manipulations of the data using an external program like Excel or Google Sheets.

Before you continue: Subjects with more than 150 students will only have the option to export the Markbook in CSV format.



On the Markbook page in your Subject, click the Export button near the top right corner of the screen.



 The export can take a few minutes, depending on the overall size of the Markbook (number of students and Lessons) and the amount of feedback given. The CSV and Excel options will appear at the bottom right corner of your screen when the file is ready for download. You can download either one or both.



An email notification will also be delivered to your inbox with the same download options, so there is no need to linger on the page if you have other work to do!



The CSV format contains a very basic breakdown of marks awarded per Lesson and per question for each student. This format works well if the information will be incorporated into another spreadsheet or LMS.



The Excel format contains much more information and formatting, broken down into three tabs:

  1. Submissions Grid features the total marks per Lesson, the marks awarded to each student, and the Class high, low, and average scores;
  2. Submissions Feedback Grid records written summary feedback given to each student on a per-Lesson basis;
  3. Per Question is the most comprehensive view. Each question is broken down per-student and includes the marks available and awarded, the student response, and the feedback given by the teacher. Each question is further analyzed on a per-Class basis for the lowest, highest, and average marks awarded. Note: Student responses are only recorded for written, multiple choice, and true/false answers.


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