Class controls in the Markbook

Manage student submissions for an entire class or group of students with a single action.

The Markbook offers class controls for every lesson, entire class and group of students within a subject, which can save the teacher time by not repeating the same action for each student individually.

There are three actions that can be performed for a class and group of students and on each lesson:

  1. Collect all work (or "pencils down!"); 
  2. Release answers and feedback; and
  3. Request resubmission so the students can try again or continue working.



The Class controls menu can be found in the submission grid by lining up the class row with the lesson's submissions column.

Note: If either one of these is not visible, then make sure the Markbook is expanded to reveal the desired lesson and class.




Apply the necessary filter to carry out class controls on a specific student or group of students.



Click the icon in the submissions grid for that lesson and class to reveal the class control options. These controls will only affect the students enrolled in that class (or those selected using the filter) and only that specific lesson.