Modifying a RiskAssess Template

Create a risk assessment from a RiskAssess template for any practical activity in Stile.

Once you have accessed the Stile template in RiskAssess, you'll need to complete a few steps before you can run your practical activity.

Examples of when you would use this feature: (bold paragraph)

  • You are a teacher planning a practical;
  • You are a lab technician preparing a practical;
  • You are a coordinator planning practicals for a term.

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Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Create a modifiable copy of the template


In RiskAssess, click Create Modifiable Copy.


Step 2: Modify the template to suit your practical activity


Pop in your name (or teaching code) as the author and scroll down to the 'Classes for Which Experiment is Required' section.



Fill in the relevant details for Teacher, Year group, Chemical training codes (Explanation of codes) and Scheduling.



Sometimes you will need to insert further information in the Equipment / chemicals to be prepared by laboratory technician section. Scroll down to the 'Equipment, Chemicals and Biologicals for Risk Assessment' section.



If you've modified the equipment required for the practical, you can remove any items by clicking Remove.



To add equipment, chemicals and biologicals type the name of what you want to add in the relevant field then click Search & Add.



Once you've finished modifying the template, click Generate Risk Assessment.


Step 3: Select the appropriate risk


Make sure you read over the risk assessment you've modified. Select Low risk, Medium risk, High risk or Extreme risk and include control measures as appropriate.


Step 4: Read over and sign the risk assessment


 Click Sign Electronically. Enter your name in the field and click Sign.


Step 5: Pass the risk assessment to your laboratory technician to review and sign

The next step will depend on the process put in place at each individual school. You have three options:

  • Technician can sign the risk assessment on the spot
  • A copy can be emailed to the technician
  • The risk assessment can be printed and then signed

That is a basic overview of how to modify Stile templates in RiskAssess. For more detailed instructions, please see the RiskAssess Learning Resources. 📖


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