Edit and Complete a RiskAssess Template

RiskAssess templates drastically reduce the time it takes to create a risk assessment for Stile practical activities.

Schools with RiskAssess subscriptions have access to our entire library of templates. Each practical activity in Stile has a tailored RiskAssess template to save you time and effort in preparing your pracs.

Note: Start here if you are not familiar with how to access a Stile RiskAssess template.

Follow the step-by-step guide below, or jump to the step that you need to know:

  1. Create a modifiable copy;
  2. Fill in your class details;
  3. Adjust the materials required
  4. Select the level of risk;
  5. Review and sign;
  6. Hand off to your lab technician


1. Create a modifiable copy


In RiskAssess, click the brown Create Modifiable Copy button just above the template preview. This will create a copy of the template for you to fill in and edit.


2. Fill in your class details


Add your name or teaching code in the Author text box and then scroll down to the section titled Classes for Which Experiment is Required.



Fill in the relevant details for Teacher, Year group, Chemical training codes (Explanation of codes) and Scheduling.



Review the Equipment / chemicals to be prepared by laboratory technician text box and ensure it is complete. You may need to add the total number of groups for the lab technician.


3. Adjust the materials required 


Scroll down to the Equipment, Chemicals and Biologicals for Risk Assessment section.

You can remove any items by clicking Remove button next to each item if you have modified the practical activity or the equipment it requires.

To add equipment, chemicals or biologicals, type the name of what you want to add in the relevant field then click Search & Add.



Click the brown Generate Risk Assessment button at the bottom of the template.


4. Select the level of risk


Select Low risk, Medium risk, High risk or Extreme risk and include control measures as appropriate.


5. Review and sign


 Click the brown Sign Electronically button to the right of the signature field. Enter your name in the field and click Sign.


6. Hand off to your lab technician

This step will depend on the process put in place at your school. You have three options:

  1. The technician can sign the risk assessment on the spot;
  2. A digital copy can be emailed to the technician; or
  3. The risk assessment can be printed and then signed.

This is a basic overview of how to modify Stile templates in RiskAssess. For more detailed instructions, please see the RiskAssess Learning Resources.


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