Send an email to all students in the class

Start an email to the entire class with a single click.

Stile makes it easy to start a draft email to a whole group of students in one go. This can save you time when you want to get a message out to everyone quickly.


Examples of when you would email the class:

  • Remind them of an upcoming due date or important test;
  • Alert them to new notifications on Stile, such as feedback released;
  • Send some additional revision resources or encourage them to revise with Squiz.


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Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Select the class you want to email


In your subject, click on the green Students button to go to the Students page. If you have more than one class in the subject, then click on the class you'd like to email in the left column. 


Step 2: Click 'Email class'


The Email class button will open up your default email program, such as Microsoft Outlook, and start a blank email addressed to every student in the class. From here, you can write and send your email as you normally would!

Note: If you don't have an inbox set up on your computer, than the program currently set to your computer's default will open and prompt you to set up your inbox.


If you've set the work in Stile and emailed your students a reminder, then it's up to them to do the rest! 


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