Reuse Stile lessons with a new class

Reuse your Stile lessons with a new class by removing last year’s students with the Archive class feature.

In just a few clicks, lessons that you used with a previous class can be cleaned up and re-used with a new group of students. The Archive class feature is a quick way to get ready for a new year or new term, especially if you put extra time into customising the lessons.

Examples of when you would use this feature:

  • In 2018 you taught a Year 7 class and you plan to use some or all of the same lessons in 2019 with a new Year 7 class;
  • You teach the same topic using the same lessons each term with new groups of students, (e.g. 2019 Lab Investigations Term 1, 2019 Lab Investigations Term 2, etc.)

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Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Remove the old class


Click into the subject you want to use again and then click on the green Students button to go to the Students page.



Above the class code on the page is the Archive class button. Click it to remove the entire class from the subject.
Note: This will remove the students and their work from your subject, and it will keep a record of their work stored elsewhere on Stile. The Markbook will be clean and ready for the new students.

When all classes are removed this way, a new class called “Students” will be automatically created.


Step 2: Add your new students


New students can be added to the subject using the class code or invited by email. You can wait until you have your students in the classroom to do this step.


Step 3: Set up the right lessons

The Lessons page will still be organised according to how they were left at the end of the last year or last term. Make sure your students see only the lessons you want them to see.



Click the green Lessons button to go back to the Lessons page. Use the release controls to choose which lessons are released to your students and which ones will remain hidden. (If you're not yet familiar with releasing and hiding lessons, click here.)

For example: You may want to hide all of the quizzes and tests, and release all of the lessons. Or if you don't want students jumping ahead, hide everything except for the Introduction and Glossary lessons in each folder.


Step 4: Change the subject's name (Optional)

If your subject still has last year's date in the title, such as 2018 Year 7 Science, then updating that to just Year 7 Science will remove any confusion.



Click the green Options menu and select Rename this subject. The subject's name will become editable in the green header. Edit the name to your liking and save the changes.

Last year's lessons are now ready to be used again by your new students. 🎉


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