Reuse Stile Lessons with a new Class

Reuse your Stile Lessons with a new Class by removing last year’s students with the Archive Class feature.

Lessons that you used with a previous Class can be cleaned up and re-used with a new group of students in just a few clicks. The Archive Class feature is a quick way to get ready for a new year or new term if you have put extra time into customizing your Lessons and you don't plan to make any major changes for your new cohort.

Before you continue: Your students' work is directly linked to the Lessons within your Subject. If you make any edits to the Lessons or delete anything after archiving your Class, then you risk altering the way the student work is displayed upon unarchiving. Consider duplicating the Subject and then archive the original copy if you plan to make changes to any of the Lessons.


Follow the steps below to prepare your Subject for the new cohort:

  1. Hide Lessons from the old Class;
  2. Archive the old Class;
  3. [Optional] Change the Subject's name;
  4. Release Lessons for the new Class;
  5. Add your new students.


Hide Lessons from the old Class

Click into the Subject you want to reuse. The Lessons will still be released or hidden according to how they were left for the previous Class of students at the end of the last year or term.



Hide any Lessons, exams, and quizzes that you do not want them to access. Students are still able to access their old work through direct links and notifications as long as it is released to them, even though the Subject will no longer appear on their homepage! You may want to hide everything, or just hide assessments and maintain their access to the formative lessons and pracs.

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Archive the old Class


Click on the Students button in your Subject's header to go to the Students page.



Click the Archive class button located above the Class code. This will remove the entire Class and its students from the Subject. Their work will disappear from the Markbook without being deleted. You can always restore their work at a later time by unarchiving the Class.

Repeat this step for every Class you want to archive. A new Class titled Students will be automatically created when no more Classes are left in the Subject. You can create more Classes and rename them if you plan to use the Subject with more than one group of students.

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[Optional] Change the Subject's name

If your Subject has last year's date in the title, such as Year 7 Science 2021, then you can update it to Year 7 Science 2022 for your new cohort or remove the date entirely.



Go back to the Lessons page of the subject by clicking the Lessons button at the top of the page. Click the green Options menu and select Rename this subject. Edit the name to your liking and save the changes.

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Release Lessons for the new Class

Make sure your new class of students only have the Lessons released that you want them to see.



Use the differentiation controls again to ensure your new Classes only see what you want them to see on day one. 

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Add your new students


Use the Class code or email invitation on the Students page to enrol your students on the first day of the year or term. Each Class in a Subject has its own unique code, so make sure you give your students the correct code if you have multiple Classes! 

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