How to navigate Stile: Subjects, Folders, Lessons, and Classes

Stile is organised in a tidy, nested structure. Understanding the structure can help make navigating Stile quick and easy. 


The basic hierarchy for organising content is simple:

Subjects > FoldersLessons

  • Subjects are the first level of organisation and appear on your home page. They can contain multiple Classes and Folders of work. Subject titles appear green for teachers and blue for students.
  • Folders sit within Subjects. They are used to organise Lessons into collections. Folder titles are marked with a dark grey header.
  • Lessons are the work sheets that get assigned to students. They contain information, interactive activities, and questions. Lessons can also be assessed quizzes and tests.



The hierarchy for people (students and teachers) is very similar and works together with the content structure:


  • Subjects are created and run by teachers. A Subject can have multiple co-teachers. Any teacher enrolled in a Subject will see it available to them on their home page. 
  • Classes are groups of Students. A Subject can have multiple Classes, which is especially useful when teaching the same content to multiple groups of students, as well as for differentiating content.
  • Students are individuals enrolled in the Subject. Students do not have the same ability as teachers to add or modify content.



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