Using Stile for parent-teacher meetings

Stile makes it easy to discuss student progress with parents/guardians.

Teachers can show:

  • student progress
  • feedback left on student work

Before the meeting

Take a look at the student's Markbook to get an overview of what they have accomplished over the time since the last meeting. If you find examples of work you'd like like to discuss, click into them and save a link to them where you keep student records (such as a student management system or a spreadsheet). That way, you can bring up positive and less stellar examples of work in just a click.

If you can't remember where you left feedback, you can always export the Markbook to Excel. The export also includes any feedback you left for a student, so you can search the whole spreadsheet for examples of feedback.

To ensure student privacy, we also recommend that you create a new 'class' on the Students page called 'Meeting', which you can use to temporarily drop a student into and collapse the rest of the class. That way, when you're showing the Markbook to parents, you're not revealing the results of the rest of the class to parents and the student:


After the meeting, you can drop the student back in the main class and move onto the next student.

During the meeting

With the class Markbook collapsed and just the 'Meeting' class open, you can show the student's progress over the term/semester/year. You can right-click on any selected pieces of work and open them in a new tab so that you always have the Markbook open in one tab and can quickly get to it when you need to.

Alternatively, have your saved links ready to show examples of student work (or the lack thereof!).


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