Getting feedback on how students feel

Sometimes it's valuable to know how students feel, either in general or about the lesson (e.g. when implementing Visible Wellbeing). One fun way to do that is by using emoji 😀

We've made a sample lesson here with two Interactive Canvas questions, with the idea being that you have one at the beginning and at the end of a lesson to gauge students' feeling about a particular topic or self-assessment:

how do you feel canvas question

This lets students circle how they feel, delete any emoji that don't reflect their emotional state or even add their own emoji, images or draw/type to make it their own.

We've also added another, simpler example that uses Stile's Live Poll:

how do you feel poll question

While this is less flexible, it's much easier to interact with for students. If you think your students might struggle with the canvas version, the poll is a great alternative.

Once you've copied the lesson to one of your own subjects, you can copy and paste these questions into other lessons as well.