Embed iframes in Stile

Embed videos and simulations in Stile using iframes.

An iframe is piece of code that lets you embed content in websites. For example, if you see a YouTube video embedded on a website, that video is sitting inside an iframe of the page

There are web elements (videos and simulations) available on websites that can be embedded into Stile by obtaining their iframe.


Below are six steps on how to do this:

  1. Copy iframe code from the website that contains the video/simulation you want to embed in Stile.


  2. Paste it into a text editor (TextEdit for Mac and NotePad for Windows).


  3. Change to plain text.


  4. Add the following HTML tags before and after the text, respectively: <html> and </html>


  5. Save the file with a .html at the end of the name and use the format Unicode (UTF-8).


  6. Upload the file to Stile using the share file widget being sure to untick the show download link only box.


The web element will now be embedded in the lesson for students and teachers to use.