Language and Literacy Skills

Use Stile to cater to the wide range of language and literacy skills of your students.


Audio narration

Audio narration is embedded in Stile and can be used for all of our text-based widgets. You can activate audio narration by pressing the blue speaker icon that is above a piece of text:




Modify text

You can modify lessons by editing or removing text to match the reading ability of the student.

The text on the left is taken from one of our lessons in the Radiation unit. It had a reading age of 11 - 13 years old. The modified version is shown on the right, it had a reading age of 10 - 11 years old.

You can check the reading age of any text using:



Google translator extension

For EAL students, use Google translate extension to translate text.



The extension will need to be set to the student's language:



There are also a number of other strategies that you can employ to make Stile more accessible to students with lower literacy levels. These include:

  • reducing the number of Multiple-choice answers;
  • replacing the Written response question widget with an Open response question widget where appropriate so that pupils can answer a question verbally if they wish;
  • reducing the number of higher-order questions, such as 'analyse' and 'explain' and focus on the recall questions.