Duplicate a question or other content widget

Save time creating custom Lessons by duplicating complex content.

Creating an exact copy of a question or resource can be helpful in a few situations when you are creating or editing a Lesson. You may find yourself doing the following:

  • Duplicate a table full of information if it is used as a reference in multiple points throughout the Lesson;
  • Duplicate an interactive canvas and then modify the copy to reuse the same basic structure while asking a different question;
  • Duplicate a multiple choice question when asking two different questions with the same selection of possible answers;
  • Duplicate a video to highlight different sections of it throughout a Lesson using its trim marks.

Note: The new duplicate will always appear in the same Lesson as the original. You can also copy and paste widgets into other Lessons. Click here to learn how.



Locate the content or question widget to be duplicated and click on its More menu. Select the Duplicate option from the menu that appears. 

The new widget will appear directly below the original. It can be moved and edited normally.


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