Duplicate a Folder

Create an exact copy of a Folder and its contents within the same Subject.

Duplicating a Folder is helpful when you want to make changes to the Folder's resources while maintaining a backup of the original. It can also come into play when differentiating and scaffolding resources for two or more groups of differing abilities.

Note: The duplicate Folder will always appear within the same Subject as the original. Click here to learn how to copy a Folder and paste it into a different Subject.



Locate the Folder to be duplicated and click on its More menu on the right side of the header bar. If the menu is not visible, then click on the Folder's header to reveal its contents.

Select Duplicate this folder from the menu. The new Folder will appear below the original and include the word "copy" in its title. Rename the copy (or rename both Folders) to help you remember which Folder contains what content.


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