Archive or unarchive a Class within a Subject

Remove students from a Subject and its Markbook without deleting their work.

Archiving a Class is the best way to clean up a Subject so that you can use it again with new students. When you archive a Class, the students within that Class will be removed from your Markbook and they will no longer have access to the work in that Subject, unless they click on old notifications. All of their work is preserved, and it can be restored at any time by unarchiving the Class. The best time to archive your Class (or Classes) is at the end of the term or year, when you have completed the course and you are getting ready for a fresh cohort. Learn more about the Archive and what it means for you and your students here.

Before you continue: Your students' work is directly linked to the Lessons within your Subject. If you make any edits to the Lessons or delete Lessons after archiving your Class, then you risk altering the way the student work is displayed upon unarchiving. Consider archiving the whole Subject and then duplicating it if you plan to make changes to any of the resources.


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Archive a Class


On the Students page, select the class to be archived from the left column and then click Archive class from the top of the page. This will move the class to a new Archived section below the class list in the left column. If you archive all Classes in the Subject, then a new, empty Class will be created automatically. 

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Unarchive a Class


Find the Class you want to restore in the Archived list, below your active Classes in the left column of the page. If you don't see any Classes listed below the word Archived, then click the word and the menu will appear.

Select the Class you want to unarchive by clicking on it, and then click Unarchive class in the top right corner of the page. The Class will move from the Archived list to the Classes list. The students will reappear in your Markbook and you will once again be able to release and hide Lessons to that Class.

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