Archive a class

Remove students from a Subject and its Markbook without deleting their work.

When a class is archived within a subject, the students it contains are removed from the Markbook and the subject is removed from the students' home page. Their work is saved in a read-only state so it can still be viewed by the students but not edited. Learn more about the Archive.

This feature is helpful in a couple of situations:

  1. The teacher wants to re-use bespoke resources with a new cohort.
  2. A student has left the school or cohort midway through the year and wishes to keep their work.

This method of cleaning up subjects in Stile is recommended over removing students or deleting subjects because it preserves all the resources and work. Archived classes can be restored by the teacher at any time.


On the Students page, select the class to be archived from the left column and then click Archive class from the top of the page. This will move the class to a new Archived section below the class list in the left column. The class will no longer appear in the Markbook and is control bars will also vanish from the lessons page.


Archive all classes at once from the subject's green Options menu. When all classes are archived, a new empty class is automatically created.

Learn how to restore an archived class here.


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