Add an image to a Lesson

Add pictures, diagrams, and other visual resources. The Image widget adds media to a Lesson without requiring a student response.


The Image widget is one of the simplest widgets in Stile: it allows you to upload an image file to a Lesson and caption it. There is no text box included with the image, nor is it a question. This widget is best when it is used along with another widget, such as a Text box or a Multiple-choice question. You can also use it in combination with the Side-by-side layout widget.

Note: This widget is not an image editor. If you want to resize your image or annotate it in any way, then try the Annotate Image widget instead.



Add the Image widget to the Lesson by dragging it in from your content bar. Click the Upload file button and browse for the file on your computer, or you can drag the file directly from its folder into the widget.



Add a media caption (optional) to describe the image or give credit/attribution, and an accessibility caption which can be picked up by screen readers.

The Show image edge to edge tickbox makes your image expand to fill the entire width of the Lesson.

The Show download link only tickbox means the image won't actually display in the Lesson. Instead, your students will be given a download button so they can save the image to their devices. A link to download the image file still be available to students directly below the image if you don't tick this box.

Click Done to save changes.


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