Embed custom HTML5 content

Teachers and students can use the Share File widgets to add custom interactivity to Stile lessons.

Stile recognises HTML5 files, which offers opportunities to embed custom simulations and interactives such as: 


Embed HTML 

Stile will recognise HTML files as long as they are formatted in plain text as HTML5. HTML files can be created with the most basic text editors available. Click here for a tutorial from W3Schools.



Upload the HTML file using the Share file widget. The file will render on the page as long as it is formatted correctly. 

Note: Student work done in these embedded environments will not be saved as the Share file widget is not a question.


Request a file upload from a student


Students can also upload HTML files. Allow them to do this with either the Student upload widget or the Open response widget. This can offer a great way for them to explore web design, embed their own simulations and research, and more.