Copy units from the Stile Science library

New resources can be added to subjects that already contain students and science units.

Subjects can contain multiple folders of lessons, including more than one Stile Science Unit. Using a single subject for all of a cohort's work has multiple benefits:

  • Students only need to enrol in a single subject, and therefore only need to use a class code once.
  • All of the student work is organised into a single Markbook, which means no navigating between subjects to review various topics.
  • Units that have received updates from the Stile content team can be updated without losing any student work or creating duplicate work.



From the home page, click into the subject to which the new unit will be added. Click on the blue Browse the Lesson Library button near the top of the Lessons page, and then select Years 5-10 Science Lessons from the library menu that appears.


Locate the desired unit and click on Add Unit from within its overview. Read the options carefully in the following prompts to add a new copy of the unit to the intended subject and then click Go to your copy of the unit once copying is complete.

The new unit will appear in its own folder at the bottom of the subject's Lessons page.