Switch between Teacher and Student view

Teachers have the ability to view lessons as if they were on student accounts.

The student view offers teachers a look at how their students will see and approach the lessons. It hides all teaching notes and Edit/Menu options on questions. The page's theme changes from green to the light blue that students see every time they log in. This can be especially handy when a teacher wants to project a lesson or video in front of the class without revealing teaching notes.

This view does not show a specific student's screen. Tracking student progress and leaving feedback can be done through the Markbook.


To access Student view in any lesson or on the Lessons page of a subject, click on the Student/Teacher view toggle near the top right corner of the page. 

Note: When viewing the Lessons page, the student view will not accurately represent which lessons are released to the students if the subject contains more than one class. Instead, there is a warning message at the top of the folder, which reads: "Some of the lessons below are not visible to all students."


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