Missing lessons in the Markbook

Lessons can be hidden from view to simplify what's on display, scan marks more quickly, and load the Markbook faster.

There are two reasons why a lesson is hidden:

  1. Its containing folder is collapsed
  2. The Markbook is displaying Assessments only

Collapsed folders


Most folders in the Markbook will be collapsed by default to speed up the loading time. Click on the + icon in the folder's blue header column to reveal its lessons. Similarly, folders can be collapsed by clicking on the - icon.

Collapse the entire Markbook by clicking Collapse all in the upper left corner of the page.

The Assessments toggle


The Assessments toggle at the top of the screen offers two views of the Markbook: Assessments only and Everything. If the toggle is set to Assessments Only, then only lessons that are marked as assessed will appear. Folders with no assessments will be completely hidden. Click the toggle to switch views.