Copy updates from the library

Teachers can update their copies of Stile Science resources without disrupting the learning flow.

Stile Science resources receive updates throughout the year for a variety of reasons:

  • to introduce new content and activities;
  • to relate the concepts to a more recent scientific discovery or achievement;
  • to correct small publishing errors;
  • to improve student accessibility and teacher support (learn more).

Teachers can incorporate the updated resources into units in which students have already begun to work.

Review the active subject

Before copying the new unit into the subject, review student work via the Markbook. Make note of which lessons they have not started, and then hide those lessons via the Students page.

Copy the updated resources


Click Browse the Lesson Library and select the Years 5-10 Science Lessons from the library menu. Select the desired unit and click Add Unit within its Overview.


Two options will appear. Click Make a new copy to add the updated resources to the subject. Confirm that the correct subject is selected in the next prompt and click Continue

The copy bots will do their dance, and then the option to Go to your copy of the unit will appear. Click that to be taken back to the subject.

Organise the new resources

The new folder will appear at the bottom of the Lessons page. Hide its lessons to avoid any confusion with students.


Drag the updated lessons into the active folder, ignoring copies of the lessons that students have already completed. Note: It is not possible to transfer student work between two versions of the same lesson.

In the example above, only one lesson is being updated and so it is dragged into the top folder. The other two lessons have already been completed by students, and so the updated versions will stay in the bottom folder.

Drag any outdated and untouched lessons into the bottom folder. This folder should now contain all lessons (new and old) that will not be used by students. Delete the folder or rename it if the intent is to keep using its contents.