Share lessons with other teachers

Sharing resources with colleagues in the school can be a great way to achieve consistency across classrooms or to work together when creating and teaching.

There are two ways to share resources with other teachers at the school:

  1. Share a copy of the lessons to the school library; or
  2. Invite teachers to join the subject and work collaboratively.

1. Share lessons to the school library

Lessons shared to the school library are available to all teachers enrolled at the school. Each school on Stile has its own library.


When a teacher pulls lessons from the school library, they create a copy of the lessons in their own subject. Any edits they make will not affect the original.

Learn more about sharing to the school library.

Learn more about copying lessons from the school library.

2. Invite teachers to work collaboratively

Co-teachers in a subject have the ability to create and edit the lessons and resources. On a small scale, this works well to collaborate with a colleague and share responsibility of the student work. On a larger scale, with multiple collaborators, a master subject with no students enrolled is ideal.


Manage co-teachers from the subject's Students page. Learn more here.

Build resources collaboratively with multiple teachers in a master subject. Read more here.