The Students page

Invite, enrol, and manage multiple classes within each subject.

This article acts as a quick guide and directory to shorter tutorials on specific parts of the Students page. Each link below opens in a new tab.

The class code


The class code allows students to join a specific class within a specific subject.

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Add students


Students enrol in a class to work on resources (activities, lessons, assessments) within a subject. They must be invited by the subject's teacher.

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Remove a student


Only remove a student if they haven't completed any work within that subject.

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Reset a student's password


Teachers can create temporary passwords for students to help them quickly recover account access.

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Make a new class


Each subject can contain multiple classes, or groups of students.

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Move a student between classes


A student can only be enrolled in one class within each subject. They can be moved between classes in that subject at any time.

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Delete a class


A class can only be deleted if it does not contain any students.

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Add a teacher to a subject


Multiple teachers can be enrolled in a single subject. Every teacher within the subject can modify its resources, manage classes, and review student work.

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