Delete a Lesson or restore a deleted Lesson

Lessons can be deleted if you don't intend to use them. They can also be restored if they were deleted by mistake.

You can delete Lessons individually or in bulk. They are all stored in the Subject's recycle bin where they can be restored, if needed.

Warning: If a Lesson has been completed by a student or students, their work will also be deleted! Consider hiding the Lesson and/or moving it into another Folder if students have completed the work.

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Delete multiple Lessons at once

You can select and delete several Lessons in a Folder at once using the Differentiation controls.



On the Lessons page, find the Folder that contains the Lessons you want to delete.

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Delete a single Lesson

You can either delete an individual Lesson while looking at its contents, or you can use the same method described above for deleting multiple Lessons. 



While looking at the Lesson you want to delete, scroll to the top of the page. Above the top right corner of cover photo are three buttons: Due date, Print, and More. The More button looks like an ellipsis (...). Click More and then click Delete [Lesson title]

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Restore a deleted Lesson


Deleted Lessons and Folders go to the Subject's bin. Scroll to the bottom of the Lessons page and click on View deleted Lessons.



Hover over the Lesson to be restored to reveal two options: Put back and Delete. Click Put back. The Lesson will be restored at the bottom of its original Folder.

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