Single Sign-On school integration

Single Sign-On makes logging in to Stile easier and more efficient for staff and students.

This article is for IT staff at schools who wish to set up an SSO integration between the school server and Stile.

Stile supports SSO (single sign-on) in the form of:

  • Any SAML Identity Provider, such as Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), Google's G Suite, etc.
  • Microsoft Office 365 (using OAuth 2)

The integration will:

  • Allow students to sign into Stile with their school account credentials
  • set student names to what they are on the school server

The integration will not:

  • Delete students' existing Stile accounts or work
  • Automatically add marks from Stile to your Learning/Student Management System

Contact Stile Support to get started and include which of the following services the school uses:

  • On-premise Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services
  • Microsoft Azure AD
  • Google's GSuite
  • Some other SAML-compliant identity provider
  • Microsoft Office 365 and I want to use the OAuth integration