Stile Webinars

Join an online webinar to skill up on Stile! There is a range of topics to choose from:

Check for upcoming sessions or watch recorded ones below.

Getting started (Primary)

This workshop is for primary school teachers getting started with Stile

Getting started (Secondary)

This webinar is for teachers brand-new to Stile.

Tracking student progress and giving feedback

A quick overview of Stile's Markbook and how you can use it to see what your students are up to and keep them on track.

Using Stile in the classroom

A few handy tips for when you're in class!

Customising your lessons


Report writing in Stile

Community Success hero Katrina shares a few handy tricks that might help you when your favourite time of the year is here:


Stile Luminary Educators PL

Our Head of Education, Danny Pikler, unveils the Stile Luminary Educators program and goes over best practices of using Stile with your students.

Cells Unit Walkthrough

Alison, one of the writers of our latest unit on cells and a former science teacher, goes over how she would teach the unit in class. 


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