Stile Webinars

Join an online webinar to skill up on Stile! There is a range of topics to choose from:

  • Getting started
  • Tracking student progress and leave feedback
  • Using Stile in the classroom
  • Customising your lessons
  • A walk-through of our unit from one of our writers

Check for upcoming sessions or watch recorded ones below.

Getting started

This webinar is for teachers brand-new to Stile.

Tracking student progress and giving feedback

A quick overview of Stile's Markbook and how you can use it to see what your students are up to and keep them on track.

Using Stile in the classroom

A few handy tips for when you're in class!

Customising your lessons


Report writing in Stile

Community Success hero Katrina shares a few handy tricks that might help you when your favourite time of the year is here:


Cells Unit Walkthrough

Alison, one of the writers of our latest unit on cells and a former science teacher, goes over how she would teach the unit in class. 


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