The graph tool

The graph tool is a great way for teachers and students to quickly and easily plot some data.

You can either get students to fill in a (potentially partially pre-populated) graph with a single graph question (in green below) or get students construct a graph from scratch, along with tables, images and descriptions with the Open response question (in blue).

With the graph tool, you can get students to:

  • label axes
  • enter or complete up to three data sets
  • label data sets
  • label graphs

This makes it ideal for visualising data gathered in pracs or experiments:

The graph above could be set up as an example for one data set ('sunflower') and the task could be to add two more plants to the mix to see how well they grow in identical conditions over a week.

However, it's quite flexible and you can pre-populate it with labels as data as much or as little as you'd like!

This webinar shows you how to add data, label axes and more (skip to 01:16 for the start):



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