Enrol an existing class in another subject

Quickly add an existing group of students to a new subject by email invitation.

Students are grouped into classes within a subject, which can be managed on the Students page. The class can be bulk enrolled in a new subject with a simple copy and paste. This is especially helpful if the teacher prefers to use a new subject for each term of the school year, or for each topic covered.

Create the new subject


Make a new subject on the home page to which the students will be invited. 

Copy the list of students


Click into the subject in which the students are already enrolled and navigate to the Students page. Use the mouse to select all of the student information text in the class. This will highlight their names and email addresses.

Note: Begin selection at the total number of students in the class. Trying to click on the first student will result in dragging them around the screen!

Copy this selection to the clipboard using keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C or Cmnd+C) or in the browser's Edit menu

Paste the selection in the new subject


Navigate back to the home page and then click into the new subject.

Click on the Students page and select Invite students via email near the top right corner of the app.


Paste the clipboard contents into the email invitation window using keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+V or Cmnd+V) or in the browser's Edit menu. Stile will automatically filter out any text that is not recognized as an email address.

Click Send invitation email. The students will be immediately added to the new subject, and students with valid email addresses will receive email notifications.