Differentiating instruction

There are a number of ways to differentiate lesson content in Stile to match each student's needs and pace. The most commonly used method is explained in the video below. Read on for more detailed steps.


1. Divide your students into groups


Each subject can have up to nine classes. By default, a subject starts with one class labeled "Students." Create more classes in your subject on the Students page, and then click and drag students from one class to the other.

Students can only see the name of the subject in which they are enroled, and not the name of the class. 

Learn more about managing multiple classes in this article.

2. Releasing lessons

Go to the Lessons page and you'll see that you now have multiple class bars in each folder for releasing lessons. Control each class independently by clicking and dragging its label.

In this picture, the Blue class can only see Introduction and Gather because those are the only lessons above the Blue class bar. Green class can see those same lessons plus Process. Red class is currently being dragged below Experiment, and so students in Red will see all four of the above lessons. No students can see Career or Test - this is also a great way to hide end-of-unit assessments until the day of the exam.


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