Differentiate Lessons

Modify Stile Lessons to accommodate your students' needs and release those Lessons selectively.

Every Lesson in Stile can be edited, and as a teacher you have access to most of the same tools as Stile's team of writers and creators. This is so that you can adapt the resources and help your students stay engaged.
If your students have a wide range of educational needs in a given group, you can create multiple versions of a Lesson to release selectively to individual students.

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Duplicate and modify a Lesson


Click into the Lesson you want to differentiate, click the (...) button at the top right corner of the cover image to open the Lesson's options menu, and then select Duplicate [Lesson title]. This will take you back to your Lessons page, where you can find the new copy of the Lesson at the bottom of the Folder with a "(2)" added to its title. Click into this new copy of the Lesson.



Depending on your students' needs, you may want to delete whole questions, add new content, or edit existing questions. You can learn more about editing Lesson content here. In the example above, the teacher has edited question text to add a hint to a topic discussed in a previous Lesson.

You may also want to edit the Lesson's title to make the differentiation more subtle. This can be done by clicking the Edit title button just below the title in the Lesson's cover image. When you are satisfied with your edits, go back to the Lessons page so you can view the whole Folder.

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Release the modified Lesson to specific students

Before you release the new Lesson, move it up next to the original copy of the Lesson so that the Folder stays neatly organized. You can do this by dragging the Lesson title up the page with your mouse.



Stile's differentiation controls allow you to release lessons to individual students and select groups of students. Click on the differentiated Lesson's release menu and select which students to release it to. Make sure that these students can only see one version of the Lesson that's been modified, or it might cause some confusion! You can check this by viewing your Lessons page as one of your students. 



Thi student view allows the teacher to view the Lessons page as any individual student in the subject, or view the page as one of the classes. It does not give you control of their accounts. Click on the View as menu at the top of the Lessons page and then select a student from the dropdown list. The Lessons page will change to reflect what the student sees when they log in, including their progress icons and which Lessons are visible to them.

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Filter the Markbook to focus on the differentiated students and Lessons

The Markbook filters allow you to hide irrelevant data when you want to focus on specific student work. If you are not familiar with Markbook filters, click here to learn more.



Use the Students filter to select only those students who completed the differentiated Lesson (in this example, it's 4.1a Lesson: Vaccinations). Use the Lessons filter to show released Lessons only. This will hide any Lessons that are not currently visible to the students, including the original 4.1 Lesson: Vaccinations in the example above. This will help you to focus on just the students who completed that differentiated Lesson, without needing to scroll through the whole Class to find them.

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