Why are YouTube videos not displaying?

Some school networks block YouTube; however, it should still be possible to view YouTube videos from within Stile, for both teachers and students. However, if your Stile page looks like the one below, there may be a problem:

Some web filters and firewalls, such as Zscaler, require students to log into Zscaler before they can watch YouTube videos. Often, this only lasts for 24 hours, so students may need to log into Zscaler every day in order to access the videos inside of Stile. 

Still not working?

If you're logged into Stile AND the filter/firewall, there may be an issue with how your school's network is configured.

Please send this link to your school's IT team: https://help.stileapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/224600148-Supported-browsers-and-other-tech-details-for-IT-Staff

It contains important information that can help your school's IT team set up the filter to makes sure things like YouTube or Vimeo videos get through when embedded in Stile.

No luck?

You should be able to watch the videos at home or any public Wi-Fi network.


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