Student collaboration

There are a number of ways students can collaborate on Stile:

Class discussion

Class discussion lets students share both their thoughts and media with the rest of the class (or more specifically: everyone in the subject with access to the lesson) - all in real time. It's like a private Twitter feed for your class!

Media can be clicked on for a zoomed-in view and videos embed directly inside the discussion:

Class discussion is best used for open-ended questions and sharing thoughts or files with the whole class.

Live Polls

Another way to get the whole class involved in real-time is running a live poll. Similar to a game show, students can see all their votes/results appear in real-time. This is great if you want to narrow responses down to a few pre-selected options.


Google Docs, Padlet and other online collaboration tools

Every teacher has their own favourite online collaboration tool. While it's not currently possible to embed them on the page in Stile (working on it!), you can always create a link in Stile and get students to work there: