'Open response' question type (formerly 'Project space')

Stile's Open response question type is our most flexible and powerful question type.

It lets students respond in any way they like:

The can use any combination of:

  • text (including rich text, which lets them respond with the same equation editor teachers get when writing questions!)
  • file uploads (videos, photos of drawings or science projects, CAD files - any file type, no size limits)
  • canvas (this lets them draw pictures or annotate photos, diagrams and much more)
  • YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • tables (they can create their own from scratch, which is great for recording any set of data)
  • mind maps (great for quick brainstorming or categorization exercises)
  • graphs (up to three sets of line or scatter plot graphs)
  • audio (they can record their voice or instrument straight to Stile - great for language and music students and those with learning disabilities)

It's ideal for the results section of your prac report, for example:




Differentiated responses

For example, a student who is great at verbal explanations and is a strong visual thinker may answer with a voice recording, a couple of written sentences and an annotated diagram:

This way, students can respond the way that feels most natural to them and still demonstrate knowledge of a subject. 

It lets you avoid this situation:

Open-ended projects

The open-ended nature of 'Open response' makes it a perfect way to document projects: Students can just keep adding observations, milestones, photos and data they've collected.

Students can collect data in tables (including pictures in table cells!) and then visualise that data with a graph, describe changes with text or upload videos of chemical reactions, and much more.




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