Getting started with Double Helix Lessons

Welcome to Double Helix Lessons!

In this article, we'll show you everything you need to know to teach your first lesson. 

How does it work?

Double Helix Lessons is a fun mix of textbook, workbook as well as videos and interactives, delivered online on Stile. Students follow the adventures of Skye, Rocky and their pet chameleon Kevin and discover how the world around them works in the process.

Each unit is based on a recent science article in Double Helix Magazine by CSIRO to show kids the relevance of science today.

You, as the teacher, pick some lessons from our library, your students log in on their laptops or tablets and work through them, and you track their progress and provide feedback. 

Sounds great! What do I need to do?

Essentially, you'll need to do five things to get started:

  1. Log in or create an account
  2. Create a Subject
  3. Add lesson content to your subject
  4. Release the lessons
  5. Enrol your students

1. Logging in 

Both you and your students always need to log in via 

If you don't have a login yet, and your school uses Stile, you'll need to be added first by whoever manages your school's Stile account. 

If you're not sure who that may be (usually, it's your Head of Science) or have a question about your account, please contact Stile's Support team.

2. Your first Subject

Everything in Stile is organised into Subjects. This is where you pull in lesson content and enrol your class. If you haven't created one yet, simply write your class name in the field provided (E.g 'Ms Doherty's Yr 5 Science Class').


3. Adding lesson content to your subject

Now let's add some content from the library. Click on the subject you've created and you should see a screen like the one below:


Click on 'Browse the Lesson Library' and select 'CSIRO' in the sidebar that pops up on the side:


This opens up the DHL library where you can browse for just the right unit:


Each picture tile in the library represents a unit in Stile. 

Once you have found a unit you want to teach, click on 'Teach lessons' to copy them to your subject or if you haven't purchased the lessons yet, check out our trial unit, 'Earth & Space Sciences: Natural Disasters' for free!


That will make a copy of all the lessons in the unit and pop them in your subject (which may take a little while). You'll then taken to your subject and see all the lessons, like in the picture below:


Handy tip

Read through the model answers PDF to quickly get your head around the unit which you can find in the light grey box on the right.

4. Releasing lessons

By default, all lessons of a unit are released. 

If you don't want to release everything, simply drag the 'Students' tab to control what gets released: everything above it is visible to students, while everything below it is not. As you're dragging the tab, all the lessons that will be visible to students are highlighted in yellow:

Lessons that are a faded green colour are not visible to students.

5. Enrolling your students

You can now share your lessons with your students! Head to the Students tab, connect your computer to the data projector and show students instructions on how to join: 


  1. go to
  2. enter the unique 6-digit code on your screen

After that, they're permanently enrolled in your class. All they need to do is log back into Stile. 

Once enrolled, you can track their progress and leave feedback via the Markbook.



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