How do I delete/merge an account?

No longer require teacher account

If you initially have signed up for a teacher account, have since been added to a school account, and no longer require your teacher account, please get in touch with us. We can merge your accounts so that everything you created in your teacher account will be carried over to your school account.

My student has multiple accounts

This can happen when students join a class with an invitation code and create a new account rather than use an existing one. We can merge your student's accounts and bring them all under one roof. Please get in touch with us via the Support button in Stile with all the relevant information.

Signed up with the wrong email address

You can add more than one email address to your account. Once you have two emails there, you can remove the one you initially signed up with. For example, if you've signed up with your personal email address and now want to add your school email, you can do that and then remove your personal email.

I just want to delete my account

We're sorry to see you go — you can either do nothing (no-one but you can see/access your data, not even us) or get in touch with us.


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