Delete/merge an account

Deleting a Stile account is different from removing it from a Subject or Class.

A Stile account should only be deleted if you no longer want to use Stile. Access to all content and work will be lost. Please consider the following scenarios instead.


Remove a student or teacher from a Subject

You can remove a student or co-teacher from one of your Subjects if they no longer need to access it. Learn how to remove a student here


A student or teacher has multiple accounts

Accounts can be merged if work is spread across multiple email addresses. This is also helpful if the incorrect email address was used to log in and create the account. Contact Stile's Support team for help with merging accounts.


I just want to delete my account

We're sorry to see you go — you can either do nothing (no-one but you can see/access your data) or get in touch with our support team to wipe the personal identifying information from your profile.


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