Unsubmit Work

A student can unsubmit or take back their work after submitting it for the teacher's review.


When a student completes a lesson, they click I'm finished, show my teacher at the bottom of the page to submit their work, and lock in their answers.



That button is replaced with Oops! I want to continue working, which allows the student to continue working and submit again at a later time.



Much like handing in a physical paper lesson and then taking it back to their desk, this allows the student to change answers. A history of the changes is visible to both the student and the teacher at the top of the lesson.


There are 3 situations in which a student cannot take back their work:

  1. The lesson is an assessment. Instead of the blue I'm finished button at the bottom of the lesson, the student will instead see an orange Hand in for marking button.
  2. The lesson is past its due date. The student can continue working past a due date until they submit the lesson. The lesson will then be locked until the teacher releases it. Learn more about due dates here.
  3. The teacher collects the work. This is equivalent to saying "pencils down!" in the classroom. The student will not be able to make any changes to their work from the moment it is collected.